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Gambling with Bitcoins is one of the most wondered topics when the subject comes to online gambling. Every day, more and more people research Bitcoin gambling and Bitcoin casinos, which are the casinos that accept payments in Bitcoin, to understand the scope and systematic of this payment method.


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Thus, this check will discuss numerous topics, demonstrating the facts about this exciting topic and helping you decide whether you want to try this payment method in your online gambling activities or not.

Additionally, once you complete reading this review, you will have enough information about the fundamentals of Bitcoin gambling that will light your way up while using this alternative method. Please read our review of BTC gambling if you are interested in exploring this thrilling topic.

Bitcoin gambling sites and fast transfer

What Is Bitcoin Gambling Sites?

Before answering this essential question, we should first focus on the subquestion of what gambling sites are. For quite a remarkable time, especially with the paradigm-shifting effect of the pandemic, most of our activities have gained an internet-based dimension.

We all carry out our daily activities, from shopping to partying with friends, learning, working, and many others, via the Internet now. Online gambling and betting activities are also not an exception.

Currently, thousands of people prefer online gambling sites rather than visiting actual brick-and-mortar casinos. As a natural outcome of this preference, the importance of online payment methods increased dramatically simply because of the purpose of online gambling.

There must be ways to transfer money and fund it back to accounts. To achieve this objective, online casinos created extensive lists complete with payment methods to attract more and more online gamblers.

The term Bitcoin gambling sites refers to online casino platforms that accept Bitcoin as a payment method. In other words, these crypto-friendly online casinos are crypto-casino platforms that accept Bitcoin as a means of payment. Now, we will examine the functioning and advantages of these sites alongside their drawbacks.

How Does It Work?

Read this section carefully if you want to try your luck at Bitcoin gambling venues or any betting arena. We will share with you how to use this payment method professionally and securely.

  1. Register on a Bitcoin online gambling platform: Choose your preferred option and provide your data to the online casino.
  2. Complete the registration step by verifying your account and making your first log-in.
  3. Deposit your account: Fund your account using the e-wallet you chose from the best Bitcoin wallet for online gambling.
  4. Place your bets: You can try your chances at your platform’s Bitcoin live casino, which will increase your sense of reality thanks to the possibility of communicating with a human croupiere.
  5. You may also place your bets in the sportsbook section of your online casino, which enables Bitcoin sports gambling.
  6. Withdraw your winnings: If you want to withdraw your winnings, provide the withdrawal address and follow the steps to confirm this transaction.
  7. For any of your questions and concerns, you can read the frequently asked questions section or directly request assistance from the customer care services on your online platform.

Pros and Cons

Everything has two sides; thus, it is wise to know them and decide based on this data. Otherwise, you may end up with unexpected or even unwanted outcomes. Here, we will see the pros and cons of online Bitcoin gambling.

Advantages of Bitcoin Gambling

Although Bitcoin gambling has many advantages, we will focus on three that matter most.

At this point, Bitcoin gambling is a perfect choice because you need to provide less personal data. For example, you won’t need to share your name, address, or bank details if you prefer to fund your account with crypto. So, you will have more privacy, and your data protection will inevitably increase.

Someone has to pay the salaries of the workers of these corporate bodies. Are you willing to do so? Then, choose the traditional payment methods. If you want to save your money, Bitcoin gambling is the right choice for you.

Disadvantages of Bitcoin gambling

We will discuss some disadvantages of Bitcoin gambling; however, most of them concern relatively older adults who may have doubts about this new technology.

Top live bitcoin gambling sites

List of Top Bitcoin Gambling Sites

Birds do not fly our mouths ready-roasted! We all want shortcuts to do time-consuming activities. We all want fixed lists that speak the truth, but are these expectations possible or logical?

By achieving these lists, we want to avoid risking ourselves and always do the right thing from the beginning. However, even though we may find some lists, there is no guarantee that their suggestions will include the best choices for us.

At the same time, denying these suggestions without examining them is also not wise. In short, a Bitcoin gambling website will not become your best option just because a list says so. However, you should always consider the lists because they are based on specific evaluations.

But what should we do to detect the best Bitcoin gambling sites? The answer has two sides. First, we must determine our expectations from the online casino. Second, we must examine all the existing lists carefully and check their alignment with our needs. The more they align, the better that particular online platform is for us.

Bonuses, freespins and promotions

Bonuses and Promotions

If you love bonuses and promotions, Bitcoin gambling is the proper method. A great majority of online websites promote crypto payments, and to achieve more payments completed by crypto, they offer generous bonuses and rewards to their members. Here, we will look at some categories of bonuses you may encounter while gambling on Bitcoin.

Most online casinos offer deposit bonuses for all payment methods because they want to encourage both new and existing members of their platforms to spend more time at their online casinos. If it comes to cryptocurrency payments, deposit bonuses become even more admirable.

Deposit bonuses include welcome bonuses because they are usually first deposit bonuses. The Bitcoin gambling deposit bonuses mainly provide a certain percentage of your initial deposit as bonuses.

If you receive your cashback in the form of Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, you have already won a great deal! Statistically, Bitcoin never makes you lose money, and your cashback value will inevitably increase with time.

Additionally, you will automatically have a more diversified financial portfolio, which may create an additional protection layer against inflation.

Just like the case with the deposit bonuses providing a certain percentage of the initial bet, you can also receive free spins and free bets in a bonus form if you make a crypto deposit, depending on the platform’s offer.

By using these fantastic opportunities, you will increase your chances of winning without paying a dime and spend longer hours having fun. Isn’t it marvelous?

Quick and secure Bitcoin transfer

How to Buy Bitcoin and Transfer

If you are new to cryptocurrencies, this question is the first one whose answers you must know by heart. Although it is a piece of cake to buy Bitcoin and get involved in Bitcoin gambling, some people have their concerns, which even reach a level of anxiety because of their lack of know-how. This section will help you learn how to buy and transfer cryptocurrencies for your Bitcoin gambling activities.

Best Crypto Website to Buy Bitcoin

The best crypto website to buy Bitcoin is not the same one for everyone. However, what matters the most is that you find the best one for yourself and start the procedure by doing the following:

  1. Determine your needs and expectations from your crypto trading venue or e-wallet.
  2. Do your comprehensive research about the crypto trading venues.
  3. Choose the one that aligns with your needs.
  4. Register to this crypto trading venue by providing them with all the data they demand. This data could include a copy of your identity card or password, a live photo taken using the platform app, and many others.
  5. Remember, these precautions are only there to protect you. So, do not complain and follow the rules. Do not forget to find a password that you won’t easily forget and that no one can guess.
  6. Make your first log-in.
  7. Provide the details of the payment method you will use to buy Bitcoin on the platform. These methods can be Visa, MasterCard, or traditional bank transfers.
  8. Complete the transaction and end up with an account with some money.
  9. Place an order. You can use the market price or set some limits to buy Bitcoin.
  10. Preserve your Bitcoin in the platform, which also functions as an e-wallet, or buy a cold wallet to keep it even more securely. However, remember that completing transactions using cold wallets is more demanding and takes time.

Therefore, it is wise to own a cold crypto wallet for your savings and a hot wallet for your daily transactions, including Bitcoin gambling.

List of Cryptocurrency Websites

If you want to find a list of cryptocurrency websites that will help you find your way through, you will need to research this topic. Once you google this inquiry, you will end up with hundreds of links claiming they will provide you with the data you are looking for.

But how do we choose among these endless options without knowing what we indeed seek? Here, we will share some tips to ease your cryptocurrency website search adventure:

If you inform them about your need for more information about where to start buying Bitcoin, they will definitely help you by offering some names. However, in any case, you should follow the steps above and complete your research independently because no one else can know you better than you do.

How to Deposit Bitcoin to a Gambling Website

You can find a step-by-step explanation of this issue under the title of this review, ‘How does it work?’. However, a shorter summary of the very same question must include the following:

  1. The very first thing is to own an e-wallet.
  2. Buy Bitcoin or Altcoins if you would like to use them for Bitcoin gambling.
  3. Register for an online casino that accepts Bitcoin gambling.
  4. Log in to your account.
  5. Go to the Cashier section.
  6. Select Deposit.
  7. Select Bitcoin as your payment method.
  8. You will receive a unique depositing address.
  9. Some platforms provide unique QR codes instead of depositing addresses.
  10. Use the one that you encounter.
  11. Type the amount you want to transfer to your account.
  12. Accept the amount by clicking the confirmation button, which may be ‘Send,’ ‘Accept,’ ‘OK,’ or any other word that expresses your acceptance.


Bitcoin gambling offers multiple benefits. Undoubtedly, the key advantage is strong privacy, as transactions don't require sharing personal or banking information. Another benefit is the speed of transactions. All deposits and withdrawals typically are processed much faster than any traditional banking methods.

Additionally, Bitcoin transactions often have lower fees, making it a cost-effective option. These features make Bitcoin a popular choice among those seeking a more straightforward and private gambling way.

Withdrawing from Bitcoin gambling has a few steps.

  1. First, navigate to the cashier or withdrawal section of your online gambling platform.
  2. Select Bitcoin as your withdrawal method and enter your Bitcoin wallet address.
  3. Specify the amount you wish to withdraw and confirm the transaction.
  4. The funds will be transferred to your Bitcoin wallet, usually within minutes, depending on the platform's processing speed and the Bitcoin network.

The minimum deposit amount at a Bitcoin gambling site may vary depending on the platform. Mostly, it ranges from as low as 0.001 BTC to higher amounts. Some sites may have specific promotions or bonuses that changes the minimum deposit required. Keep in mind that you must always check the terms and conditions of the platform you are using to understand their specific deposit requirements and any possible fees or bonuses that might apply.